Saturday, November 29, 2008

snip snip

So I cut my hair. Twice. In two different countries. In the past two weeks.

I've been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, but I don't know, for some reason I got pretty attached to it which is completely NOT me (I got a pixie cut in high school without so much as batting my eyelashes).

Well, in Korea I suddenly just had to chop it all off. I called the Seoul hotline and asked for a legit salon whose stylists spoke English, turns out there was only one that they knew of which made the decision for me a lot easier. Made the appointment for a few hours later and went in prepared to cut a good 12 inches off of my mane.


My hair stylist would NOT cut my hair! He even tried to talk me out of it which is so the opposite of what any American hair stylist would do (they love cutting your hair off even if you don't want them to). After much arguing, he finally agreed to do an A-line Posh Beckham style bob (aka a "Pob"). Thirty minutes later, my hair was shoulder length and a good 8 inches shorter, but definitely not as short as I wanted. That was all he would do, though, asserting that he "did not want to lose his title". P.S. he sang Korean songs the entire time he was cutting my hair and was also wearing several hair clips.

Flash forward a week to Shanghai and I was still unhappy with my hair. It was cute, I guess, but not anything special. And definitely not what I wanted. I decided yesterday to just bite the bullet and get another hair cut, this time by someone not afraid to cut my hair.

And....behold the before and after picture!


KC said...

Love it!!! I did this freshman year of college and wish I had the guts to do it again!!!

Andy said...

It looks GREAT! I am also thinking of cutting it chin-level just after I graduate.

Frank said...

Very nice.

You're cute, in a I've-only-seen-you-through-pictures kind of way :)

Strawberry said...

thanks all! i really like it too, it's so much fun! all of my students are pissed off that i cut it, but that's okay cause i think they're all brats anyway, haha.

and thanks frank, so are you. hee hee :D