Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the honeymoon is over

ARGH! I JUST REALLY WANT A DELICIOUS DELI SANDWICH. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! This country does not believe in tasty deli sandwiches. Where is a legit Quizno's or Mr. Pickle's when I need them?? OH ya, in America. My bad.

Oh, and just as an FYI for those who care, I'm doing the whole pescetarian thing again. Throw back to my first few years of college.


Andy said...

I have 2 friends that became pescetarians about 2 years ago. Apparently, it was easy. I don't know if I could survive.

Frank said...

Mmmm...deli sandwich...I think I should go get me one of those BECAUSE I CAN.


XOXO said...



Strawberry said...

andy - i feel like i'm cheating because i didn't really like meat to begin with so i'm not really "giving anything up", ehhh.

frank - thanks. we have a subway here, at least. but i sort of hate subway.

twin - dude, it's not veganism you tool. i eat fish and dairy and whatever, just not things with fur or that are cute.

Kel said...

hi! you don't know me but...
have you tried Wagas? It's the only place I found to get delicious sandwich in Shanghai when I lived there (2005-2006) there are quite a few of them scattered around Shangers, good coffee and the owner is awesome!

Strawberry said...

kel! glad you found my blog, i've totally been reading yours now! have you been to korea before? it is absolutely WONDERFUL!

and yes, i've tried wagas. there stuff is good, it's just not...quizno's...or a mom and pop deli...y'know? it's the little things i miss, like semi-sweet chocolate chips for under 10 bucks or cottage cheese

Kel said...

no, I've never been to Korea...but I've got so many Korean students I feel like I have! SO EXCITED!
Yeah Wagas is definitely no real "deli" but it was helpful in times of sandwich/soup cravings!

I'm loving your blog, it makes me miss Shanghai! And I had the eyebrow prob there too, but I made the mistake of trying to wax them myself!

my BFF Lauren Jane still lives there, and she writes some lifestyle articles for Smart Shanghai, I know she recently wrote about hair salons, try searching/posting there for a good eyebrow place.