Wednesday, December 10, 2008

very merry unbirthday to me!

A lot of things suck about being away from home. Probably the most noticeable for me right now is my upcoming birthday. In the States, my birthday is a friggin' event. It's not even a birthday, it's a birthmonth.

When you're in a new place surrounded by new people, though, change is inevitable and sadly my birthday is one of those changes.

It will be the second birthday Twin & I have spent apart which is lame, but I hear she's going to try to take Disneyland up on their offer of free admission on your birthday, so I'm happy for her.

I'm planning a smallish party with some graduate school friends and some work "buddies", but it's not like these people are my REAL friends, y'know? Like, friends that have actually attended a birthday party for me in the past.

Either way, this is the dress I bought for the event:

When I travel, I really like to immerse myself in the local culture, so I purchased this at H&M. All their stuff is made in China, right?


XOXO said...

uhm actually, itll be the third bday at least

Last Gay Year
This Year

Andy said...

Well, the dress makes it up.

Strawberry said...

twin - last year? oh ya, i was in mexico, WOOHOOOOO
p.s. if you really wanted to, you could come here for our birthday

andy - thanks, isn't it so effing cute? it totally goes with my new hairstyle, too