Saturday, February 2, 2008

snaps are the new pink

snaps > clapping, am I right? Maybe it's the sorority girl in me, but I LOVE giving snaps.

That being said, total snaps for having my lap top back. I went home on Wednesday for a hair cut (trim, really) and eye lash tint (love not having to use mascara in the morning!) and left my power cord at home. AHHHHHHHHHH! Seriously though, it was horrible, and I'm very happy to finally have it back so my computer can charge and run properly and not turn off when I'm almost done with a blog (like Wednesday night, tear).

A few awesome things happened while I was comp-less:

1. I got my sleep back!! I don't know how it happened, but suddenly on Tuesday night I could sleep at a normal time for a full 8 hours. And it was wonderful.

2. Anthony Bourdain mentioned Scorsese on his show, further proof that we are meant to be together (so what if he's married and I have a boyfriend. Love conquers all, right?). I'm slightly obsessed with Scorsese, as evidenced by this paper I wrote for an Undergrad Research Conference in April.

3. There Will Be Blood FINALLY was released nation-wide after what felt like for-ever and I got to see it today with the BF. I know you've seen and read all the hype. Believe it. I didn't think anything could match the magnificence that was No Country For Old Men, but Blood was pretty damn good. And who doesn't like Daniel Day-Lewis? I mean, really.

4. My insomnia-driven blue dress purchase finally arrived and it's SOHOT...but I don't really have anything to wear it to, so I might return it.

5. PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON IS COMING TO MY SCHOOL ON MONDAY TO GIVE A SPEECH!!! Snaps to Taryn, who is awesome and is going with me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

no power

Went home for a hair cut (barely a trim, really) and eye lash tint and left the power cord to my laptop at my house. HOW WILL I SURVIVE??? I officially have 15 minutes to live...aka until my laptop shuts off FOREVER/until I get my power cord back.

I'll be taking a one to two day blogger/facebook/e-mail hiatus until I can make a trip back home. I'll miss you all.

Oh, and I finally slept. 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., it was absolutely glorious.

Monday, January 28, 2008

three sentences

All my blog searching has led me to some pretty cool blogs that I've enjoyed reading the past few days. One in particular I really enjoy. It's written by a senior in college somewhere in Pennsylvania. She experiments a lot with the format for her entries, and made a really cool post describing a series of different relationships in three sentences. I really enjoyed reading it, and it was also fun writing my own version:

When we hung out at your house and you fell asleep I was always afraid to wake you when I wanted to leave. One night it was so late that I decided it would be a bad idea to walk out the front door, so I climbed out your window and over your fence to get to my car. I ruined my favorite track pants doing that.

Even though you told me once you hated Dave Matthews, you jumped at my offer of a free concert ticket. After the concert we drove to San Francisco and walked along the beach at midnight. Maybe with someone else it would have been romantic.

I about died when you asked to borrow my pen. I called my mom immediately after class to tell her about it. I’m glad you gave it back, a memento of sorts.

Nothing was ever your fault. But I guess that is kind of true. A lot of it was mine.

It was very strange seeing you again after all those years. I was relieved it was at a party and not somewhere random. If it had been random, I probably wouldn’t have looked so good.

You gave me the first real Valentine’s Day gift I ever received. The flowers and chocolates made me more timid, but by the time I got over it you liked someone else. I cried when I heard that your brother passed away.

You were more impressive to yourself than you were to anyone else. I don’t know what I was thinking. Didn’t you wonder why you never met any of my friends?

I was sure we would never be more than friends. I’m glad I asked you to that movie. It’s one of the reasons I wrote a paper on it.

I bought concert tickets to a band I didn’t even like just to impress you. I ended up not going, but it was the most cleansing way to waste fifty bucks. I just wish I could remember the band’s name that made me realize you weren’t the one.

You loved calling me late at night and I loved answering and being rude. Strangely, this made you like me more. When I actually was nice to you, you weren’t interested.

not so sleeping beauty

Second night of full on insomnia. I'm no stranger to late nights, but 1AM is about my max unless I'm doing something super amazing. Sitting in my room alone doing nothing is no reason to be awake at 6AM (last night) or 4:45AM (tonight). I know there are a lot of crazy professions out there that require people to sleep during the day and be awake at night, but I actually need to be awake during the day so this sleeping schedule isn't working out for me so much.

I have, however, been very productive these past two nights since there are very few distractions at 4AM unless you're into infomercials, which I'm not (thank gawd). I've done a lot of reading (Conrad's Heart of Darkness amazingly has failed to produce ZZZZs), researched all kinds of bloggy stuff, did some unnecessary on-line shopping, downloaded songs and made some sweet new playlists, organized the files on my computer, organized my e-mail (!!!), and gave myself a pedicure...all in only 48 hours. Insomnia has turned me into Super Woman.

If only I had the capacity to sleep whenever, wherever like my dear Tater Tot.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

memories from fight club

A tiger can smile
A snake will say it loves you
Lies make us evil

good morning, i wish i could sleep

Insomnia has a negative impact on my credit card.

Exhibit A:

It's cute though, right?

I also bought Noelle a Valentine's Day gift...but that's a surprise.