Saturday, March 15, 2008

all dogs go to heaven

In memory of Scooby, 1995-2008.

He lived a life filled with lots of food, lots of snuggling, and lots of tail wags. He became a fixture in our household and even though he was a small wiener dog, the house feels a lot emptier without him in it. I miss his whining to get up on the couch (he was too fat and stubby to make the jump himself), the sound of his paws running across the slate floor (usually in fear of the self-filling water bowl that made loud noises), and his way of sleeping that made him look like a beached whale (we affectionately called him our "pot bellied pig"). Scooby was my best friend all throughout my childhood. I wore a Scooby Doo t-shirt to my first day of sixth grade, I wrote a short story about him and his wife (my grandma's female dachshund Sophie) and recited it wearing a Scooby costume my mom made, my elementary school plaque is a portrait of Scooby, my sixth grade mask was designed to look like him (the long nose was particularly challenging), and during my IB art class he was the subject of many of my paintings, including the one above. He was one of the happiest dogs I have ever met, his tail never stopped wagging. He had an adoring family, two best friends Tater Tot and Lily, and a wonderful wife and the mother of his puppies, Sophie, who he was buried next to after a small ceremony at my grandma's ranch.

Santa Scooby!

One of the few times he actually let me dress him up.

Surveying the area as I prepare for battle with Tina Bonita the Goat.

Attempting to side swipe the goat.

Deciding to stay behind and watch instead.

Valentine's Day 2008.

Taking part in his favorite activity: napping.

Meeting Kern for the first time.

Scooby longingly gazing at Tater Tot and his girlfriend from inside the house.

Guarding his precious bones.

Scooby, loving the camera.

Second favorite thing to do: eat.