Wednesday, April 30, 2008

poof is the new pink

This past weekend BF went to a local food festival sans moi because I wasn't in town (it's okay, he had his brother there to keep him company). He couldn't stop thinking about me--as if that's possible--and made sure to capture these Tater-wanna-bes on film when he saw them walking down the street.

Video commentary = "Taterssss, taterssss.....she's walking her cotton balls."

For realz though, aren't those the cutest animals you have ever seen?! I want Tater Tot to have puppies with one of them so his babies will be super poofy, too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

lolcats and puppies

This weekend I attempted to explain lolcats to my dad. My dad barely even understands what the internet explaining something as random and weird as lolcats was not an easy task. First, I had to tell him what "lol" even meant, then I tried to explain the overall concept, but I'm pretty sure he was only smiling and nodding so I would hurry up and finish talking so he could watch some more political coverage (the man is glued to CNN 24/7, I swear). Anyway, get this, I made him GET UP OFF THE COUCH and come over to the computer to see some lolcats so he would know what I was talking about. I nearly DIED when I tried to explain the back-story of this one:

He pretended he thought it was funny, but I could see him checking the election coverage out of the corner of his eye. Can you blame him? I mean, imagine my explanation, it went something like this: "Well, dad, you see, people submit pictures of cats doing whatever cats do and then OTHER people visit the website and go through the pictures and put captions on them using lolspeak. Lolspeak is something lolcats use when they's a mixture of bad spelling and poor grammar and it's usually pretty simple because that's probably how cats would talk if they did talk, y'know? That makes sense, right, dad?" Yeah, the answer is no, it did not make sense.

Another fun thing I did this weekend was meet this dog at a party in San Francisco for my Auntie Willa who is moving to Atlanta.

The dog's name was Baxster and he was totally awesome and loved me and all the attention I gave him. I realize my pose is pretty awkward is this photo, but have you ever tried to take a picture with a dachshund? Yeah, they're pretty low to the ground so it's not the most graceful thing in the world to do. Side note, you can't tell in this photo but I have a small pimple on my cheek solely because I was bragging to my mother the day before about what wonderful, clear skin I had. Apparently, pimples feed off of narcissism.

total valley girl

According to a few people, I may or may not sound exactly like Kim Kardashian, especially in this spoof from MadTV.

I'm not a huge fan of her show, but at times I find it entertaining, mostly, I think, when it's not trying to be entertaining. Wouldn't it be awesome if they came up with a series made up of spoofs of the show? Now THAT would be funny.

"...and now I contribute even LESS to society". That sums up my blogging 100%.

Monday, April 28, 2008

you guys are sick

Instead of lamenting with me after I relayed my horrifying ant experience a few days ago, everyone was more interested in seeing pictures of the event! Well, number one, ants are disgusting and I hate that stupid ant picture I have on that post and they aren't even being gross in it (i.e. protecting thousands of maggot-like eggs in my room). Number two, I was busy trying not to vom all over myself/trying to save all of the things I had stored in that closet. Number three, re-read number two, because really, when you're actually in that situation the thought of "Oh! I need to photo document this!" is very low on the list of things to do when encountering a swarm of ants living in your room.

That being said, I totally wish I had taken pictures.

Here are two pictures I took after the incident, if you look closely you'll notice a few black-ish marks in the pink square where the ants had their home. I have no idea what those are from, but they were all over the wood, maybe it's ant poo? SICK! Anyway, those two marks wouldn't come off, the rest did, thankfully.

some good news, phew

Thanks everyone who sent positive energy my Grammy's way. She is doing much, much better and was released from the hospital today. Long term, I don't think there will be any issues. She will be on a semi-restricted diet for a while, but other than that she can pretty much do whatever most 83 year olds do.

On a sort of related (but less life-threatening) note, my cousin Lindsay got engaged Wednesday night!! I'm so excited for her, I just hope I'm in the States when she gets married next year. When I saw my Grammy in the ICU Friday night I told her, "You just couldn't let Lindsay have the limelight, could you?" She thought it was funny. With the big rock she got, it would take more than a pesky ruptured artery to take away her engagement glow.