Thursday, May 15, 2008

martha's favorite cookie contest WINNERS!

Graduation festivities have totally been kicking my butt. I have been up at 7 a.m. and not gone to bed until 2 a.m. the past few days, and it's going to be pretty much the same thing every day until I leave for Mexico on Tuesday of next week, ¡Arriba!. It will all be worth it (who doesn't love celebrating their accomplishments?), but it means I have barely enough time to check my e-mail in the morning so The Pink Review has been completely YAWN lately. Never fear faithful readers, it will be exciting again soon. I'm moving to friggin' CHINA, remember?

Martha Stewart announced her favorite cookie contest winners, and I got a bunch of them right once again! Me and Martha are so on the same wave length. Before I applied to graduate school I considered working for her company, but then I find out a lot of entry-level positions make $10 an hour. No thank you, I made that much in high school. Isn't she totally loaded? She should pay her employees more. But back to cookies, her website has photographs of her top picks for favorite cookie, the ones that I predicted would win that Martha also chose include: 1. Oreo cookies topped with a little chocolate mouse, 2. smores cookie, 3. pink French macaroon cookie, and 4. buttercream pistachio. Four out of ten...not bad! Well, I guess technically that's worse than failing, but if you consider that I had 1,000 cookies to choose from, it's slightly impressive.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

one ugly black mumu and one super cute dog

As I mentioned before, I have mad Photoshop skillz as evidenced in the above photograph featuring the insanely difficult (aka extremely easy) sunburst effect. Originally I had wanted a former Delta Gamma sister who is an amazing photographer to take some professional photographs of me in my cap and gown, but she lives out of state and my days leading up to graduation are completely packed. So, I had to settle for my mom's crappy camera in my front yard. The only redeeming part of this picture is Tater Tot and the fact that his fur completely matches my hair. How did my mom get him to look so perky and alert, you ask? She had a squeaky toy on her head. Ha, she is totally Tater's bitch.

Also, the poll results for my graduation cap design are in and the "Au Revoir" with an Eiffel tower option was the resounding winner. However, Twin's comment to make a LOLcat "KTHXBYE!" version of Tater Tot inspired me and I just had to do it. I must say, it is the cutest graduation cap in the history of cute graduation caps. I can't wait to wear it. LOLZ. The fact that I didn't follow the results of the poll (which, I might remind you, I was using merely for suggestions, I never promised I would follow through with anything) is only going to feed Rod's misguided belief that I'm a total flake. I'm actually a very reliable person. Sometimes.

*EDIT* I had to delete that picture of me and Tater Tot...I haven't posted in a while so it popped up every time I opened my site and I got sick of looking at it. It wasn't cute, anyway, so no harm, no foul.

Monday, May 12, 2008

i will eventually shut up about graduating

For now, though, I'm going to continue to bask in the glory of being done with my undergraduate education and blab about it non-stop. My fabulous graduation pizza party is only five days away, I'm so excited! I'm actually more excited about eating pizza than I am about walking across the stage. That's totally normal, right? Check out these adorable invitations I sent (and also my serial killer handwriting). It's a pizza box with a pizza that slides out of it with all the party details! I totally love them and the adorable pizza stickers I bought to seal the envelopes. Notice my Photoshop skillz in whiting out the address and phone number on the invite. So impressive.

THEN Sunday I'm having my tea party, and I also found cute invitations for that little soiree. If you get a chance, check out the company's website, they have all kinds of creative stationery. I really want to have a going away party before I leave for China, for the sole reason that it would justify my purchasing their Chinese take out box cards.