Saturday, July 19, 2008


Despite having bought our Dark Knight tickets three days early, we still had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours. It. was. totally. worth. it. Not only did I get to watch sexy Christian Bale with a shirt off for probably an hour of screen time, but the audience was awesome and a bunch of theater employees got really into it and dressed up like characters. This photograph was taken right before we battled to the death:

Clearly, I won. Batman always wins.

Did anyone else noticed Cilian Murphy's 10 second cameo? Is he going to be a major character in a future Batman installment? I hope so!

Also, I need some male input on this, Maggie Gyllenhal is fug, right? I mean, she looks like a troll, doesn't she? I just didn't see her fitting in as a love interest, but then again her predecessor Katie Holmes was in the same league, that is, the not-sexy-chick league. Who do you think would have made a better Rachel? I think Charlize Theron would have been a good pick, maybe Anne Hathaway. Yeah, Anne Hathaway for sure. She has that good girl quality that a Batman love interests need, but is still gorgeous. Or Rachel McAdams! Thoughts?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

holy self-indulgent shopping spree, batman!

I am a woman. A 20-something year old, fashion forward, label hungry woman. Which means I'll pretty much use any excuse to go shopping. So, when I made plans with some friends to see Dark Knight tomorrow evening, my mind immediately began to race with all of the fun outfit possibilities. After kicking ass and taking names during my Chinese final this morning (I got an A, thank you), I hopped into my Jeep and raced to the mall, with visions of this shirt in my head:

Seriously, I could not believe they still had some left. I was panicky all day thinking they might have sold out, but they had it, and in a size S, too! It's a men's shirt, so it's still pretty big, but it doesn't matter because it's so cute and topical. I love topical clothing. Who am I kidding, I love all clothing, but I like my graphic tees to be somewhat socially relevant.

I convinced my friends to buy Dark Knight tickets early, which makes me way less anxious about what everyone is projecting will be a CRAZY opening weekend. 9:30 p.m. showing, baby. I'm so excited. I have this weird thing for comic book movies. I'm tempted to use the word "obsession", but I think that might be a little strong, especially since I have never so much as held a real-life comic book. Maybe I just have a thing for buff dudes in tights. Whatever it is, I always go to comic book movies opening weekend (Spiderman 1, 2, and 3 I went to midnight showings) because opening weekend audiences are always so pumped up and psyched to be there. Sometimes they even clap, which I sort of think is really lame, but whatever, it makes me feel more involved with the whole movie-going experience.

In the spirit of milking a sure-thing for as much money as possible, Domino's has introduced a Gotham City Pizza. Basically it's just a normal pepperoni pizza, but they throw around the word "cloak" in their advertisements and slapped on a Batman logo, and presto, you have a Dark Knight pizza. You know I'm ordering one both before and after--maybe during, will they deliver to a movie theater?--the movie. Ultimate nom-age.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

let them (read: me) eat cake

I went to Disneyland with my mom and little sister yesterday and sometime between lunch and dinner they forced me to eat this:

By forced I mean they had to follow me through 4 different lands (Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Frontierland) until I finally found this adorable but overpriced squiggly concoction of grease and sugar, two minutes before the restaurant closed, no doubt. Okay, so what? you might ask. It's just funnel cake. Well, I "gave up" dessert last month in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. I still allow myself to eat frozen yogurt, because a life without frozen yogurt is a life that's not worth living, if you ask me, but I have noticed significant changes in my appearances over the past dessert-free month. I have lost 6 pounds without making any other lifestyle changes and have honestly never felt physically better in my life.

However, the universe is a strange thing, and when one thing in your life is going awesome, it is a known fact that something else in your life has to suffer, which is why I absolutely needed that funnel cake yesterday. It actually ended up not being delicious at all, the strawberry topping was insanely sweet and tasted more like strawberry room spray than a strawberry from the earth. But it seemed like an absolute necessity at the time, and actually did provide me with about 15 seconds of pure joy. Which is a lesson we can all learn from: funnel cake, as tempting and necessary as it may seem, will not solve any of your problems. At least not in any long-term sense.

Similar logic kept me from irrationally chopping off my hair, thank gawd. As I was dialing the number to the salon I realized, sure, it would be a big change and make me feel in control of me during a time in my life where I feel particularly not in control, but then I realized I would wake up the next day and recognize that nothing in my life had really changed. Only now I also hated my short hair cut.

Monday, July 14, 2008

breaking sometimes easy

If you live in the Playboy Mansion and happen to be named Hugh Hefner, that is. Can you imagine an environment MORE conducive to getting over a break-up? Because I can't.

How am I supposed to have any faith in love if the bunnies can't even stay together? Incidentally, Kendra was my least favorite Hefner girlfriend, so I'm glad she got the boot (and you all know that's really the issue, not her so called "empire"). It's all about Bridget, UOP alumni unite!

woof woof, chow chow

Way back in April (it's nearly August, people!), I wrote about Martha Stewart's Chow Chow named Paw Paw passing away. The story particularly touched me because I had recently lost a dog, too, and knew the sadness that comes after losing a pet. While I didn't lose any sleep over Martha's loss, I am happy to see that she is going to get a puppy soon! And, to top it off, they're from the same bloodline as Paw Paw! Isn't that precious?

Okay, but seriously, how cute are Chow Chow puppies? They're just like pomeranians, only huge. I've heard they make great guard dogs, too, something which Tater Tot is admittedly not great at being. I mean, he barks, but he also weighs 7 pounds so any intruder could just drop kick him with minimal effort then continue stealing all my great stuff.

happy bastille day!

I have been fortunate enough to actually be in France (and Paris, at that) for several Bastille Day celebrations, and us Americans can talk all the smack we want about the French, but they friggin' know how to throw a party. Fireworks, wine, cheese, pastries...sounds like heaven to me. Check out my favorite cupcake artist Cakespy's Frenchy creation in honor of the holiday:

The Eiffel tower AND cupcakes? Awesome x infinity. If you're friends with me in real life and I have your e-mail address, you've probably been bombarded recently with a slew of SomeEcards because I pretty much think they are the funniest thing ever right now in my life. They're mostly totally random and sarcastic and have crazy pictures that usually don't have anything to do with the text.

To be fair, I don't care about the Fourth of July, either. Ya, I said it.