Monday, January 5, 2009

the case of the missing wallet: part 2

I went into the foreign teachers office today to ask about my wallet again, on the off chance that the gate guards happened to find it since I last had it right near their guard booth/hang out. Before I could even open my mouth to ask, I saw it sitting on my desk in all it's black and pink Roxy logo glory.

All the money was missing out of it, but that's to be expected I guess, lame as it is. In their hurry to nab all my cash the thief rifled through the pockets of the wallet so all my credit cards and IDs were in the money area. A bunch of business cards were missing, I'm assuming they fell out while the thief was going through my stuff. A few wallet-sized pictures are missing (prom circa 2003, senior portrait with Twin), and I'm hoping it's because they fell out and not because some creeper is slowly creating a shrine to me. Though, on second thought, that might be pretty sweet.

Despite the missing stuff, I'm super happy to have my wallet back, mostly because I had my social security card in it. Yeah, I left that detail out yesterday, because, dude, how stupid was that of me to have my social security card in my wallet? Pretty damn stupid. So I'm very glad to have it back, and I'm hoping the thief didn't even see it since it doesn't look like it was unfolded or tampered with.

If I had to lose my wallet in China, I'm glad it happened this week and not next week. At least now I have time to get my new credit cards and ATM card shipped to me because they take about a week I think...and I'm going on a month vacation to South East Asia on the 16th! WOOHOO! So far on the very rough itinerary are: Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Trust me, this vacation is very much deserved. I have a whole new appreciation for every teacher I've ever had after teaching a semester of high school kids.

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