Thursday, January 8, 2009

"you are being a total 'C-word' right now"

I must have been throwing around a few too many "C-words" recently because my site is once again blocked for me. How annoying is that? To have your own blog be inaccessible.

I guess I'm more political than I thought I was.

Other than longing stares at my golden locks, I'm pretty much ignored by most Chinese people. Ignored is the wrong word I guess, perhaps "misunderstood" is better, or just plain not understood. English isn't as widespread as I would have imagined it would be in such an international city as Shanghai, but it's actually convenient for me because I can say whatever I want, whenever I want, to whoever I want, with none of the social repercussions I would get if they actually understood what I was saying. Usually my freedom of speech is limited to insults ("Hurry up and ring up my groceries, bitch" or "Excuse me, twatface"), but sometimes I throw in a few sexual advances (this is mostly reserved for visiting Korean men). Maybe they do understand me and just don't care, I guess I'll never really know for sure since I can't exactly ask them.

Amazingly, though, if I happen to say something that begins with a C and ends in "ommunism" or "ultural revolution", everyone knows what I'm talking about and will turn and stare, waiting to see what words will come out of my mouth next. This is usually when I shut up and try to look as innocent and sweet as possible. I'm not looking to leave China in a body bag, thankyouverymuch.


Frank said...

Heh...twatface. I'll have to remember that one next time I'm at Starbucks. "Pour the damn coffee already, twatface!"

Andy said...

Or you could just say... "C" followed of a "hiang Kai-shek". Chinese like that name.

Strawberry said...

frank - ya, "twatface" and "fuckers" are two words i never used in america, but use all the time in china.

andy - bahahaha.