Tuesday, February 24, 2009

an argument for cupcakes

I'm pretty steadfast in my No Dessert 2009 campaign, but this Atlantic article makes a pretty good argument as to why cupcakes should be considered a "not so guilty pleasure".

My favorite part? A good cupcake has all the frosting you really want at a birthday party but can’t ask for. It’s celebratory but restrained, a suitably small indulgence for tough times. And, surprisingly, a cupcake can be a smaller indulgence than a wholesome-seeming muffin: under the icing, as any baker knows, there’s practically no difference.

Mhhh, 2010 is so close I can almost TASTE IT! Which reminds me, my top five favorite desserts OF ALL TIME, in order, are:
5. Peanut butter fro yo with Reese's Pieces
4. Cake batter ice cream with brownies from Coldstone
3. Strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles
2. Banana cream pie from Rutherford grill
1. Giant chocolate chip pizookie

Yes, I will be consuming all five of those desserts in the first 24 hours of 2010. GET READY, WORLD.


Andy said...

Wait - you're not eating dessert for A YEAR!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*Mind blows*

How can you do that?

Frank said...

As Jim Gaffigan states, "everyone knows that a muffin is just a bald cupcake."

Kel said...

i had completely forgotten about sprinkles until just now... THANKS :)
cupcakes are the best dessert ever, hands down. and i just LOL'd my red wine out of my mouth about that goat.