Friday, February 20, 2009

strawberry likes to...

Andy always posts the funnest blogging ideas. For this one, just go to Google and type "[your name] likes to" and post the first ten results. I had to kind of cheat on mine since my parents spelled my name so unusual (real name), so I had to use the more traditional/boring spelling of it in order to get any results. I must say, mine were pretty cool for the most part.

1. Strawberry likes to help Mom cook.
Indeed, I do enjoy helping my mom cook when I'm home. I like cooking FOR my parents even more, they're the best people to test recipes out on.

2. Strawberry likes to keep things pale and interesting.
HAHAHA, this one is awesome because I'm so white. I don't really know what it means to "like to keep things pale and interesting" but I definitely keep things pale. SPF 30 every day, baby.

3. Strawberry likes to party...obviously.
When it's time to party, we have a tea party.

4. Strawberry likes to get sloppy drunk and hit on bartenders who are dumb and not that good looking (or nice) and then she drives home really really really fast listening to OAR - I mean not listening to OAR.
#1 I do not get sloppy drunk and hit on bartenders (I prefer getting sloppy drunk and hitting on much-older-than-me ferry boat captains at formals, thankyouverymuch) #2 I would never drive drunk. Ever. Period. #3 It's physically impossible for me to drive anywhere really really really fast in my jeep wrangler (they were built for off-terrain driving, not racing) and #4 Who the heck is OAR?

5. Strawberry likes to take risks.
I moved to China for a year, didn't I?

6. Strawberry likes to be outside and has been photographed frequently strolling along the sidewalks and beaches near her home.
Sounds pretty nice to me.

7. Strawberry likes to eat Ramon noodles, Fruity Pebbles, and cheese pizza.
WTF....was someone watching me from my window tonight and taking notes or something?

8. Strawberry likes to be the little spoon.
I'm always the little spoon. Duh.

9. Strawberry likes to go camping with her friends and enjoys anything that involves bright colors.
Camping is so much fun. I haven't been in a while but want to go some time when I get back in the States. Bright colors are okay, too.

10. Strawberry likes to say, “It’s only the beginning. Get ready.”
Hellz yes.


Andy said...

Awww!! I'm flattered!!

And just for curiosity, I googled it with your real name, and one of the results was "[Real Strawberry name] likes to HAVE DINOSAUR SEX FOR FREE".

I guess you did well by putting the normal version of your name.

Frank said...

Dinosaur sex!?!

I guess I don't know the real Strawberry...

insomniaclolita said...

LMAO I did this once too, very funny. And yay for ramen noodles and cheese pizza.