Sunday, February 8, 2009

thailand: surf, sand, and sun burns

I'm alive and very badly sunburned (or is it "sunburnt"?) in Thailand. Tomorrow is my last day and I'm spending it learning how to cook 10 different vegetarian Thai dishes at a 5-hour long cooking class. I can't wait!

Romy and I will be stupidly spending the night in the airport which we both realize we will regret, but our flight leaves so early in the morning we couldn't bring ourselves to justify spending any more baht (Thai's currency) on a hostel for only a few hours of sleep. We'll arrive in Hong Kong around noon and we'll be there for three or four days, we haven't decided yet. My only real Hong Kong traveling goal is to go to Hong Kong Disney.

I'll be home (weird, Shanghai is now my home) on February 14th for sure, also known as Valentine's Day for all you Americans out there that celebrate that very American holiday which is not such a big deal here in Asia. Funny, I'm kind of looking forward to going back to China. Is it possible I'm starting to actually feel that I belong in the PRC?


Andy said...

Hong Kong Disney??? I'm JEALOUS.

But even more jealous I am that you're in Thailand!! It's my dream vacation spot!!

Frank said...

Do you know how to make Pad Thai??

Because if you do, I'll hire you as a chef...that's one of my favorite non-bacon-based foods of all time.