Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WTF wednesday: dragon fruit

While I'm somewhat confident these are available in the United States, I still think the shape and look of them alone merits a hearty, "WTF?!"

Behold, the dragon fruit.

There's actually three varieties of dragon fruit. Two with pink skin, one that has white "flesh" or fruit inside, and one with pink/red "flesh". I tried a pink dragon fruit with white flesh, as shown below. The third kind is yellow with white fruit, but seriously, what's the point in that? It's all about the pink.

Apparently the fruit is low in calories (score!), but personally I wasn't a huge fan. It's cool to look at, sure, but it wasn't anything that special on the inside. The texture is a lot like a kiwi, and it tastes like a mixture of a kiwi and a pear, but I found the flesh to be a bit more grainy than a kiwi, which is probably what I found most off putting.

They do make for a great tablescape, though, and if I have any kind of Chinese welcome home party, I'm sure these suckers will be making an appearance on my table because they're so visually interesting. I also really like saying the name "dragon fruit". Sounds ferocious.


XOXO said...

that is gross.

Andy said...

Dragon fruit? At first sight, I thought they were roses.

Kel said...

oooh i love dragonfruit, but at home they were $12 a pop so i never ate them. now i get them as often as possible just to spite all the supermarkets in the states.