Tuesday, March 10, 2009

happy birthday dad!

Today is my dad's birthday which of course you are all aware of since it is an internationally celebrated event. My dad is pretty awesome and I miss seeing him lovingly harass all the family pets.

Last year when that Soulja Boy song Superman That Ho came out it was a particularly slow news week for America because they did some big feature on it on MSNBC (my dad's favorite television channel) and showed the whole dance from the Youtube video. My dad saw a clip of it and was thus convinced that he knew how to do it perfectly. Because he was such an expert, he attempted to teach Tater Tot the dance:

My dad's version of "teaching" is a lot like mine: waving your arms around and pretending you know what you're saying.


Frank said...

Tater Tot looks like a natural to me.

Happy birthday, Strawberry's dad! Thanks for fatherin' a bitchin' awesome laydeh.

Andy said...

Hahahaha! Happy Birthday to your dad!!

I guess that's were you get your awesomeness, so I'm sure he's pretty awesome too!