Thursday, March 12, 2009

princess strawberry's throne a dorm room

Have I ever posted pictures of my living situation here in Shanghai? I don't remember. I live on campus right next to the cafeteria and the gymnasium. Teachers take up the first level of the dorm rooms and students live on the other 10 levels.

FYI I have never watched Breakast at Tiffany's.

There's one shared kitchen space for all of us and it is always super dirty and nasty because mainly the only people that use it are the ayis so they just treat it like it's their personal cooking space, never cleaning up after themselves, never washing their dishes, you all know the feel, you've had roommates.

Way back in October I figured it'd be best to invest in a rice cooker because the one communal rice cooker was always filled with rice. I don't even eat rice that much, but the fact that I couldn't because the ayis always beat me to it, made me want to buy one. As you can see above, our rooms are too small to have a "kitchen area" so the rice cooker was the only appliance I could fit in my room (other than a small juicer), so I've gotten pretty creative with it's usage.

Do you KNOW the possibilities a rice cooker holds? Because I had no idea they could do anything but cook rice until I started experimenting. So far in my rice cooker I have made:
rice (duh)
kidney beans with carrots and peas
macaroni and cheese
vegetable samosa
refried beans and cheese
grilled cheese sandwich

I love multi-task kitchenware.

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Andy said...

Oh my! Your room is ADORABLE! It's big and spacey!

My cousin was in Beijing for a few months, and even if he was in the best university in Beijing, he said the rooms were UGLY and that the girls got bruises on their hips because the beds were very uncomfortable.