Thursday, May 14, 2009

chinglish at its best

I really, really, really love Chinglish. It's one of the simpler things about China that brings me a ton of joy. Spelling mistakes, grammar problems, translation errors...they're all equally wonderful.

When we were leaving Xi'an, our plane was delayed for about 4 hours (never figured out why), so we spent a lot of time waiting around, which gave us plenty of time to do lots of 5. unrecycling at the airport.

Labels like this on trash cans in America might actually motivate people to recycle. If instead of "throwing your water bottle away" you are "unrecycling your water bottle" you might feel guilty for not being environmentally friendly and decide to recycle it instead. Or you might just laugh and take pictures like me.

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Andy said...


So, getting a shower would be "undirtying" ; and pooping "uneating"??