Thursday, May 7, 2009

i hope they're hiring

While showing Rod around the West Nanjing/People's Square area of Shanghai (Chairman Mao used to live on that side of town, by the way), we came upon the most glorious store I have seen in Asia so far:

Like, wtf?! How can such a heavenly place be real??? I seriously thought I was dreaming when I saw this store, it's that unbelievably amazing. I wonder if they're looking for any non-Chinese speaking white girls to work the cash register/roll around on their displays and play with all those fabulous stuffed animals.


Andy said...

I've ALWAYS wanted one of those HUGE stuffed horses. ALWAYS.

Wonder if they have employee discounts.

Frank said...

Wow...I don't know that I could ever work in a place like that. I'd constantly be making piles of stuffed animals to take naps on.

Strawberry said...

andy - dude, i worked for macy's one holiday season and ended up PAYING THEM to work there because all i ever did was shop (we got a sweet employee discount)

omg...frank...your new user pic is out of control.