Sunday, November 1, 2009, it's not a chronic skin condition

Ain't no ointment or steroid cream available...the only treatment for NaBloPoMo is to post on your blog every. single. day. NaBloPoMo (aka National Blog Posting Month) is an annual blog-based challenge to post on your blog every day for the month of November! The site encourages bloggers to make any month a "NaBloPoMo" month, but November is by far the month with the most blogger participation---you can even win prizes! A big thanks to Andy for reminding me about this!

So all you bloggers out there...hurry up and get writing! Remember to pace yourselves, you have 30 days of this and don't want to burn out mid-way through the challenge.

And now for your daily dose of Tater Tot, which may or may not be a running theme in my contribution to this year's NaBloPoMo:

So sleepy on his drive down to Cabo San Lucas this past April. Zzzz.

Also...I eventually need to make a new header for this blog since I uh, am no longer in China.


Kel said...

OMG he is so cute! glad you are blogging again, I've been majorly slacking lately...oops! Maybe this will motivate me ;)

Andy said...

YAY for having you back every day! :) And you're welcome! I had also forgotten about it, but then I saw some ads on various blogs, and I knew since I'd been slacking up, I needed it to help me!

Ronnica said...

Happy NaBloPoMo! Looking forward to it!