Thursday, November 5, 2009

yo ho yo ho a tater's life for me

Tater (aka Tot Sparrow) gets his cast off on Monday and I'm gonna be honest...I kinda don't want him to. He looks so hilarious when he tries to maneuver around the house with it hanging in the air and when he runs across the slate floor it makes this "thunk thunk thunk" noise, much like I would imagine a peg leg would make if a pirate were running around in my house.

This is him in his ORIGINAL no-thrills cast, but it's essentially
the same now only his new one is much larger and purple.

This morning I left my room holding Tater Tot, two bags full of my make-up and potential wedding rehearsal outfits, four pairs of high heels, and my purse and--just my luck--the house alarm went off (my room is detached from the main house)! So I dropped everything to run to the main house to turn it off before they sent the police and figured it'd be safe to set Tater down since his movement is clearly impeded by his ginormous cast.

Ya. Dumb idea.

He took off like a bat out of hell with his purple cast flailing in the wind. Thankfully I was able to disable the alarm and snag a squeaky toy from Tater's toy drawer in under 30 seconds. Tater's main goal in life is to escape the house (every time he goes outside to go to the bathroom he first checks to see if the gate is open for him to flee to the walking trail sans supervision), but as soon as he hears a squeaky toy he comes right back.

Hmm...this is one of those stories you get three sentences into while you're telling it and you think to yourself "This is the most pointless, boring thing ever why the heck am I repeating it?" and yet, you can't stop. Sorry folks.

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