Monday, December 7, 2009

little bear, you'll be in our hearts always

Life is so, so unfair.

All Little Bear wanted to do was love and be loved. He was the happiest, most playful puppy I have ever met in my life. He wasn't just a pet, he was a member of my family and his loss has left holes in all of our hearts. He brought so much joy not just to my sister and family, but to everyone he ever met. I feel lucky that I was able to love him, even though it was so brief.

We held a memorial service today to honor Little Bear's memory. My father dug a huge hole behind a large Oak tree on the walking trail and we put Bear in a casket with his blanket and favorite toys and took turns telling Bear how much we love him and will miss him. Tater Tot and my family's other dog Panda came along as well...and Tater even helped at the conclusion of our little family ceremony by kicking dirt into the hole (though I doubt he was aware he was helping).

Again, if you'd like to donate to the Bear Claw Memorial Fund just click the donate button below (you'll need to click through to my website if you follow me on GoogleReader) to help Twin defer some of the costs of the burial.

I know that no one ever knows what to say to someone who has gone through a tragic loss, but I promise you that all kind words are much appreciated and have really help me and the rest of my family in the grieving process.

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