Monday, December 21, 2009

martha stewart & snoop dogg make "green brownies"

Ok dude I've always loved Martha Stewart, even before her little stint behind bars when she was pretty bitchy (I think prison softened her up a bit). But if I hadn't loved Martha already, last week's episode with guest Snoop Dogg would have made me love her fo' sho'.

Martha is all about rappers and has admitted to having a huge crush on Eminem...she is so friggin' bomb! TICK TICK.

Anyway, Snoop Dogg came on the show and they made brownies together and the segment was HILARIOUS. If for some reason you can't watch the embedded video, check it out on her website:

Highlights: Martha asks Snoop to rap while they mix the ingredients and he busts out with: "Trying to bake some brownies but we missing the most important part of the sticks, no seeds, no stems" and Martha replies, "Oh, you want green brownies? Brownish-green brownies?" Snoop Dogg: "The greener the better." and then he sorta starts talking about something else and Martha keeps trying to get him to talk about weed brownies some more! Seriously, LOLz all around.

Oh also...if ya'll didn't understand the take home message from yesterday's post it was to NEVER send nude photos to anyone unless you want them to eventually be shared...because it will happen at some point.


Frank said...

So does that mean there's nekkid pictures of you around somewhere on the interwebs?


Strawberry said...

heeeeellz no, but there are nude photos of my persian ex-BF neema floating around