Saturday, March 13, 2010

clothes on dogs...amazing or lame?

I have to admit, I've put Tater Tot in a few doggy outfits over the years. Some of the stand-out moments include:

Prom 2003. No, my dog was NOT my date (I swear people have asked that before) I took a human to the dance but couldn't resist dressing the Tot in a tux.

Christmas 2006. Tater hates Santa.

Summer 2006. My twin sister Noelle did a photo shoot of Tater and entered him to win some cute dog contest.

Christmas 2007. Tater loves this scarf!

Halloween 2009. Shark eating a person costume...not Tater's finest moment.

I'm still on the fence as to whether I think human clothes on dogs is extremely weird or incredibly adorable...obviously I've done it before so I guess I'm leaning more towards the "incredibly adorable" camp, but I'm not one of those kooky pet owners that has a whole wardrobe for their dogs. That is decidedly NOT normal nor incredibly adorable.

Since moving and bringing the Tot with me to a one-bedroom third floor apartment it's a necessity that I take him for at least two walks a day. I've always loved going on walks with Tater Tot but this is the first time I have to do no matter what the weather is...and lately it's been raining A LOT. His fur is so thick and fluffy that he ends up getting totally soaked while I stay dry under my umbrella, so I've been toying with the idea of buy him a doggy raincoat.

I'm afraid that the combination of his cuteness, fluffiness, and tendency to bark at any dog and act ferocious will make him look silly in a raincoat. Bah, whatever, people are always laughing at him anyway.

Maybe if he was more refined and mature and had a doggy mustache people would think twice before they giggle at him.

Hau, hau, hau, I am French.

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