Sunday, March 21, 2010

the daily tater

Haha. Ok. Before I go any further I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I'm very much NOT normal, and I accept that. It makes life more interesting.

I was talking to my boss about blogging the other day and was saying how I wanted to buy Tater Tot a domain name so he could blog (it was understood by all parties that I meant I could blog "as" Tater...I'm normal enough that I recognize my dog can't actually blog).

Anyway, my boss is all, "Would he even have something to post every day?" to which I was all, "You clearly are not my friend on Facebook or you would know that there's a plethora of Tater Tot posts to be made on the daily." and then he was all...actually he didn't say anything he just gave me a weird look, I just wanted to say "was all" one more time.

And so, The Daily Tater was born. It's a work in progress, notably the header image which will eventually not look so pixel-y once I get my hands on the Photoshop CD I left at my parents house.

I figure I'm already taking a ton of Tater Tot pics every day...might as well have a formal outlet for sharing them with the world!

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