Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy easter! love candy-focused holidays

Went shopping at Target this weekend. How freaking legit is that store? I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE Tar-Jay. It's one of the main things I missed about the United States when I was in China (they had Walmart and other American stores like Best Buy...but no Target).

I managed to find a super cute outfit for Easter within 20 minutes even though I spent a good TWO HOURS scouring the mall in San Mateo and couldn't even find something decent to wear that wasn't triple digits. I also found these crazy cute carrot Reese's pieces:

They're shaped like a vegetable...so that makes them healthy, right?

Bah, peanut butter is my arch nemesis. So, so good...and yet not incredibly good for you (especially if you eat an entire jar in one sitting, which has never happened but I believe I'd be capable of it).

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Frank said...

Of course shaping non-fruit into fruit shapes makes it healthy! Your body doesn't notice things like, um, nutrients and vitamins anyway.