Thursday, March 11, 2010

mad men barbie dolls

I'm on the verge of hyperventilating right now. Mattel announced yesterday the launch of their Mad Men Barbie dolls which will be available later this summer.

EFF YOU, MATTEL! Don't you know I'm trying to be financially responsible? Then you go and release the most adorable Barbie dolls I have ever seen (how TDF is Joan?!) and expect me to NOT immediately drop $74.95 per doll? THANKS. Thanks a lot.

If you have a cool three hundred bucks to waste on something, might as well waste it on these! You can buy the Betty, Don, Sterling, and Joan Barbies at the Barbie Collector website which I had no idea even existed until today...but you better believe I signed up for a free catalog!

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Jaydeen said...

LOL! I'm already a financially ruined member of I have the Edward and Bella Twilight Barbies, I Love Lucy Barbies, Little Red Riding Hood Barbies, and my new FAVE... Hard Rock Cafe Barbie. Yep, sucker born every minute. And I'm a biggun!