Sunday, March 28, 2010


The answer to my riddle the other day (what do my Chinese name "Miao Miao," an Asian lucky cat figurine, and a tattoo station all have in common?) is:


I got this kitty over Christmas break, in fact Santa hooked it up with a gift certificate for part of him (kitty's a boy). He's not completely finished yet, the artist still needs to fill him in with white and do lots of super sweet shading, but he's practically done.

Here are a couple "progress" pictures. I got all the outline and black shading done first, then next came the color details that I have now.

The artist surprised me with the collar design, I LOVE IT SO BAD!!! I didn't really have anything specific I wanted so I told him to design it himself ...couldn't help sneaking a peek with my iPhone:

Instead of the traditional text that goes in the lucky cat coin, I had Earl (my tattoo artist) put my Chinese name because it's the bomb.


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