Wednesday, March 24, 2010

vroom vroom

How sexy is this car?

I spotted this vintage corvette outside the San Mateo Trader Joe's (awesome things tend to occur at this location, btw) and just HAD to take a picture even though I thought it was sort of creepy of me. Later, I creeped it up even more by telling the owner he "probably hears this a lot, but you have an absolutely beautiful car."

Ya. I said those. exact. words. I've never used a pick-up line in my life, but apparently they get stored away in some part of your brain, ready to attack at a moment's notice.

I got really embarassed and started blushing because I swear the words just came out of my mouth without me even making the conscious decision to speak! Whatever. Old Man was flattered. But his wife gave me the stink eye.

Next time I'll stick with a Ferris Bueller reference and tell him his car is "so choice."

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