Thursday, April 15, 2010

cute stamps from the US postal service

I send a LOT of correspondence through the United States postal service. Like, an abnormally large amount. I'm pretty sure I'm single-handedly keeping the Belmont post office from closing its doors or laying off employees (as seems to be a trend with anything paper media related, these days).

Because of this I buy an embarrassingly large amount of stationery and always have a ton of stamps on hand. Sadly, the US postal service doesn't really give a crap that I want, no, NEED cute stamps to accompany my adorable personalized stationery and the closest I've been able to come in months to "cute" stamps is TV Land stamps.

Meh. Not cute. Except for Mr. Ed, he's ok.

Imagine my excitement when I logged on to the USPS website (to check to see where the closest drop-off box was to my office, of course) and saw that they're releasing a whole new set of pet design stamps!!! Animals?! ON STAMPS?? This brings cute to a whole new level for the post office.


I pre-ordered four sheets of 20 each. I'm not even kidding. I gotta stock up on these puppies (haha, literally) while the gettin' is good!

If you want to purchase these adorable dog and cat stamps, head on over to Stamps to the Rescue.

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