Monday, April 5, 2010

delicious spring recipe round-up

My family started a new tradition for Easter this year and will (hopefully) be celebrating the holiday in my uncle's barn from here on out. My cousin had a barn wedding reception last fall so my uncle fixed up the old barn on his property and now that it's all fancy-schmancy it's the perfect place to hold a party.

We seriously had SO many desserts it was out of control: Sprinkles cupcakes (from yours truly), chocolate chip cookies, lemon sugar cookies, mint chip ice cream cake, wine cake, chocolate Texas sheet cake (not sure what that really means but Grandma Kitty kept calling it that), chocolate torte, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, and fruit salad.

Sadly, I was "being good" so I only ate fruit salad. I spent the rest of the evening thinking about all the delicious desserts I could have consumed, and thought I would do a nice little round-up of some incredible looking desserts I've found recently.

1. Strawberry cream cake from The Busty Baker. Obviously I needed to start out with a strawberry dessert.

2. Heaven and Hell cake from All Cake's considered via Project Foodie. I'm not a huge angel food cake fan, but this combination sounds delicious.

3. White fudge-dipped oreos by Picky Palate. Oreos pwn all cookies.

4. Errr...except maybe these: Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes from Annie's Eats.

5. Vegan coconut banana cream pie from Kirsten's Kitchen. I'm not a strict vegan, but I hate eggs (barf) and don't drink milk, plus I LOVE banana cream pie so this recipe = amazing.

6. Sweet wild blueberry baskets with almond mascarpone cream from Fresh New England. These would be so sweet for a tea party!

7. Butterscotch bunny tarts from My Recession Kitchen. Another vegan recipe, yummm! As is these are pretty Easter-specific, but you could use any shape cookie-cutter (like a snail cookie cutter, to be random and hilarious).


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Frank said...

Obviously "being good" was the worst thing you could have done in the presence of such sugary wonders.

I hope you learned your lesson.