Wednesday, April 7, 2010

stuff white people like

I'm hoping ya'll have read the blog Stuff White People Like because it effing rules. During some down time in our Korean vacation me & Romy went through the full list of stuff white people like and checked off each one that was true for us, tallied our results, then compared them to see who was whiter. I won, obviously. (Ain't nobody whiter than me, yo.)

The staff over at SWPL must be mind-readers and know that I've been looking for a poster or two for my bedroom because they now sell Stuff White People Like posters featuring some of the best posts from their blog.

The top white people stuff I like include: breakfast places, dogs, and San Francisco.

In terms of color-scheme, the SF poster makes the most sense. Plus, I live in the bay area so it's like, relevant to my living situation and whatever.


Andy said...

Even for a non-fully-whitey, that blog is all kinds of awesome!

Strawberry said...

Andy! So glad you're back!