Monday, April 19, 2010

update on the tot's health

I woke up to this Sunday morning:

Tater Tot was up and ready for a walk bright and early, despite Saturday night's puppy health scare. Even though he was acting normal later Saturday night I was still really worried that something might happen and couldn't get my anxiety level to decrease despite many Zen efforts, so I took a Xanax which actually ended up being an Ambien (note to self: stop putting pills in pill boxes and leave them in their original RX bottles) which was probably the best thing for me anyway because I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep otherwise.

After a nice walk with Tater Sunday morning I tried to relax a bit at my apartment before meeting my mom for a day of shopping at The Great Mall, but Tater kept sleeping like this:

which is completely normal for him, but I'm still totally on edge so I kept waking him up every 30 seconds to make sure he was alive (and continued to do so last night). Good news: he's alive and he's perfectly healthy though probably very, very annoyed with me, but y'know what? That's what you effing get for scaring me half to death, you turd. Lovvvveeee youuuuu.

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Frank said...

Jeez, if I were woken up every 30 seconds, I think I'd just drop dead out of spite.