Tuesday, May 18, 2010

awesome lines from movies: PCU

I love movie quotes. I feel like blogging movie quotes is in the same ballpark as blogging personal conversations that you think are funny (editor's note: they're only funny to you) but hey, I do that crap all the time so who effing cares. I'm gonna start posting more movie quotes because I LOVE MOVIES, DERRR.

I graduated from Concordia University on Friday with my Master of Arts in International Studies and it got me thinking about college life which got me thinking of movies about college, PCU being one of the funniest. For those of you interested (i.e. Mom), my thesis was: International Perspectives on the Cultural Representation of Education in Contemporary Chinese Cinema.

In a nutshell (and I'm taking this mostly from my thesis because I'm too lazy to paraphrase), the intention of my research was to explore the cultural representations of education in contemporary Chinese cinema and how different audiences perceive those representations. The goal was to gain an understanding of how these cinematic representations corroborate or contradict the viewpoints of international students and teachers on the current Chinese educational system. My paper examined how schools, teachers, and students are perceived in a nation that is now a nation of “Communism with Chinese characteristics,” that is, a nation of so-called Communists with market-economy/capitalist tendencies. This paper investigated the questions: How have historical influences impacted Chinese education, schools, teachers, and students? What is the perception of education in China today by international students and teachers? How do contemporary Chinese films reflect or deflect these modern-day viewpoints?

Ok, Mom, now you know what I spent two years of my life doing and can stop asking me. Bookmark this page, actually.

Now, for some stuff actually worth reading.

Bantam: America's greatest president.
Rand: It's me, Rand. Open up.
Bantam: America's greatest president.
Rand: Damn it. "Who is Ronald Reagan?"
Bantam: A casual shoe for yachting.
Rand: What are you trying to figure out, B.D.? Who could I be? "What is a blucher?"
Bantam: They killed Jesus Christ.
Rand: "Who are the Jews?" Open up, sucko.

Tom: What's he doin?
Droz: He's finishing his senior thesis. Pigman is trying to prove the Caine-Hackman theory. No matter what time it is, 24 hours a day, you can find a Michael Caine or Gene Hackman movie playing on TV.
Tom: That's his thesis?
Droz: Yes! That's the beauty of college these days, Tommy! You can major in Game Boy if you know how to bullshit.

Droz: What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy.


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