Saturday, February 20, 2010

county fair heaven!

I really, really like county fairs because I really, really like fried food...and where else but at the county fair will you ever find such a variety of fried goodness??

If you ever find out the answer to that question, please let me know because as far as I know it doesn't exist.

Corn dogs are probably my favorite old-school fried food (none of this fancy, schmancy deep fried chicken fried bacon---yes, it is DOUBLE fried---for me, thanks). Even though I no longer eat meat, I still get to enjoy corn dogs thanks to the meatless ones they sell at Trader Joe's:


Today I stumbled upon this tempting corn dog lip balm. I want it SOOO bad but I'm afraid it will only be mustard flavored and I'll end up being disappointed. I've been burned by so-called "corn dog" scented novelty items in the past.

NOTE TO WHOEVER MAKES FLAVORED/SCENTED ANYTHING: CORN DOGS DO NOT TASTE LIKE MUSTARD. That's like saying iceburg lettuce tastes like ranch dressing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy chinese new year/mardi gras/any other international holidays!

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was coming home to Shanghai after a month-long trip around South East Asia. Oh, how times have changed!

Even though I'm no longer in China anymore, I still feel a deep connection with Chinese culture (as deep as a white girl from Cali can feel, at least) so I was really excited about Chinese New Year! I happened to be in San Francisco over the weekend so I got to see lots of red lanterns up on the streets...but sadly missed all the cool parades.

Anyway, these fortune cookie cupcakes would have been an awesome edition to my Chinese New Year festivities, which mostly included waking up after 10AM, not showering, and watching Hulu all afternoon. DO I KNOW HOW TO CELEBRATE, OR WHAT?!

Remember when I blogged about how to make fortune cookies? Ya, I didn't really remember it either...thank gawd for archives!! Here's a shot of a few of my handmade fortune cookies, in all their glory:

These were actually really, really good and as I mentioned in the original post, the almond extract adds a nice flavor that is absent from store-bought/Chinese restaurant fortune cookies. It wasn't a walk in the park making these puppies, but it was totally worth it in the end and I think they make a perfect gift to show someone how much you appreciate them. And they're delicious.

Oh also, it's Mardi Gras which normally would be exciting but sorta just...wasn't this year. Probably because I had a Mardi Dimanche and stuffed my face with--including, but not limited to--3 Anthony's cookies, 1 Sprinkles cupcake, and several slices of cheese pizza, and thus skipped bingeing on junk food for a second day in the same week.

Turns out, without the "Fat", Fat Tuesday is just...Tuesday.

Is anyone giving up anything for lent this year? I'm not because I'm a total badass.

Monday, February 15, 2010

holy inconsistency, batman!

I recently moved (woohoo!) and my building was all whacked out with the internet so I've been sans all things WWW related for the past couple of weeks. Turns out I didn't really miss much other than the B Team puppy cam pups totally growing up since I last saw them. Awwww.

Now that I've been successfully reconnected to the internet I will hopefully start blogging more regularly...or at least more than once a month.

Oh, also, I got a friggin' awesome job and have the best team EVER. Case in point: one of my coworkers sent me this link to Hipster puppies last Friday after a team lunch outing. FOR REALZ??? Why didn't I think of that genius idea for a blog?! So. Amazing.

Yo, check out my walkman. I'm so ironic and cool.