Saturday, March 6, 2010

academy award predictions 2010

Every year I always make a list of Oscar predictions including who I think SHOULD win and who I think WILL win. Usually I have a party to go to which makes it more fun to guess, but this year I'll be plugging along on my thesis and won't be watching the ceremony live. I was hoping to throw an Oscar party this year (I made a fun how to throw an Oscar party post last year) but schoolwork comes first so I'll have to wait until 2011!

To be honest, I wasn't that thrilled with the selection of films up for awards this year--2008 was like, the best year ever for the Oscars. So many amazing films/actors/actresses were nominated. Hopefully 2010 is a great year for film so next year's selection is better.

Now, on to my list!

Best Picture
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: The Hurt Locker
Two things: 1. The Hurt Locker's chances of winning might have been sabotaged by some lame shenanigans, but I really hope not 2. If Avatar wins I will punch a baby.

Best Actor in a Leading Role
should win: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
will win: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Meh, I'm pretty confident about this one but Clooney was amazing (as he always is) and Renner is from my home town so if any of them win I'll be happy.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
should win: Christoph Waltz
will win: Christoph Waltz
He's going to win. Hands. down.

Best Actress
should win: anyone but Sandra Bullock
will win: Sandra Bullock

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
should win: Mo'Nique, Precious
will win: Mo'Nique, Precious
Vera was awesome in Up in the Air (she's def my next pick after Mo'Nique) but Mo'Nique's performance was crazy powerful.

Best Animated Feature Film
should win: Up
will win: Up
I want a new dog just so I can name him Dug.

Best Art Direction
should win: Sherlock Holmes
will win: Avatar
Robert Downey Jr. is effing hot.

Best Cinematography
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: The Hurt Locker

Best Director
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: please don't be Avatar

Best Documentary Feature
should win: The Cove
will win: The Cove (though Food, Inc. got waaaay more press)

Best Film Editing
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: Avatar
Avatar HAS to win something.

Best Adapted Screenplay
should win: Up in the Air
will win: Up in the Air
Let's see if Oprah has any power here.

Best Original Screenplay
should win: Inglourious Basterds
will win: Inglourious Basterds
If Tarantino doesn't win this I will be completely shocked. He is a master with words.

I really want District 9 to win something...but it's up against King James Cameron so I doubt it. Don't get me wrong, I really did like Avatar, but story-wise District 9 was SOOOO much better. Go see it now if you haven't already!

Who do you think is going to win??

how to make your own magnets

When I moved into my own place I wanted to be able to decorate my fridge with random stuff but I had no magnets and seriously couldn't find ANY at Target, Safeway, or the Dollar Store (which I thought would have them for sure). I eventually found some at Michael's but they were super weak and wouldn't even keep a postcard sticking to the fridge.

Thankfully, I have a very crafty best friend and she taught me how to make magnets! She rules. So now in the interest of paying it forward, I'm going to teach you how to do it, too.

First, you'll need a few things. You'll probably have a couple of these items already, the rest you can buy at Michael's or any other large craft store.


  • Magazines or catalogs (no need to go out and buy any, especially if you get catalogs because they're FILLED with potential magnet material).
  • Card stock and/or those thick "subscribe now!" inserts found in magazines.
  • 3/4" round magnets. Some Michael's stores have 50-pack magnet sets, get at least 1 packet because you're going to want to make a zillion of these. Trust me.
  • One 3/4" hole punch.
  • One bag of 3/4" glass marbles. These are usually by the dried flowers and vases. Make sure to get ones that are as transparent as possible.
  • Epoxy glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Newspaper or other random paper to put down on your work station.

The whole process is super easy. First get the card stock and punch out as many 3/4" pieces as you can.

Then, line up a handful of magnets and put a lentil-sized dollop of epoxy on it. You can use a toothpick to smear it around a bit--I just used the tip of the epoxy. Press the cardstock onto the magnet and move from side to side to make sure the glue has spread around.

Now comes the fun! Go through all your old catalogs and magazines and look for pictures that would make cute magnets. Don't just look for images or logos, find pretty patterns and colors (this is where all those catalogs you get in the mail come in handy!). Take one of the marbles and place it over the image to make sure it looks good and will fit. Use the scissors to quickly cut out the image you like--I just cut it into a medium sized rectangle--and place it to the side.

Once you've gone through all your magazines and cut snippets of magnet material, use your hole punch to create a perfect magnet-sized picture. I used my hole punch upside down and slipped my magazine cut outs so the image was facing me and I could see what I was actually doing--highly recommend this!

Then, simply put another dollop of glue on to your cardstock-ed magnet and place each hole-punched picture on top. Repeat this process with the glass marbles. And voila! You have home-made magnets!

Keep the magnets on a flat surface for several hours because it takes a while for the glue to dry. If you move them or try to use them too soon the glass marble won't adhere and will slip off.

Note: the glass marbles come in a large bag and not all of them are ideal. I would go through them quickly before you begin and set aside the ones that are too hazy or have cracks.

and this is why i love movies

How am I only now seeing this amazing, amazing film?

Monday, March 1, 2010

retro humor is the best kind of humor

Anne Taintor is a genius! I stumbled upon her awesomely funny vintage magnets sort of by accident and now I'm completely obsessed. I've taken a personal oath to not buy anymore stationery (I have a major problem and tend to compulsively purchase paper goods)...but once my note pad supply dwindles you know where I'll be going to stock up again.

Some of my favorite Anne Taintor designs, in no particular order: