Saturday, March 13, 2010

clothes on dogs...amazing or lame?

I have to admit, I've put Tater Tot in a few doggy outfits over the years. Some of the stand-out moments include:

Prom 2003. No, my dog was NOT my date (I swear people have asked that before) I took a human to the dance but couldn't resist dressing the Tot in a tux.

Christmas 2006. Tater hates Santa.

Summer 2006. My twin sister Noelle did a photo shoot of Tater and entered him to win some cute dog contest.

Christmas 2007. Tater loves this scarf!

Halloween 2009. Shark eating a person costume...not Tater's finest moment.

I'm still on the fence as to whether I think human clothes on dogs is extremely weird or incredibly adorable...obviously I've done it before so I guess I'm leaning more towards the "incredibly adorable" camp, but I'm not one of those kooky pet owners that has a whole wardrobe for their dogs. That is decidedly NOT normal nor incredibly adorable.

Since moving and bringing the Tot with me to a one-bedroom third floor apartment it's a necessity that I take him for at least two walks a day. I've always loved going on walks with Tater Tot but this is the first time I have to do no matter what the weather is...and lately it's been raining A LOT. His fur is so thick and fluffy that he ends up getting totally soaked while I stay dry under my umbrella, so I've been toying with the idea of buy him a doggy raincoat.

I'm afraid that the combination of his cuteness, fluffiness, and tendency to bark at any dog and act ferocious will make him look silly in a raincoat. Bah, whatever, people are always laughing at him anyway.

Maybe if he was more refined and mature and had a doggy mustache people would think twice before they giggle at him.

Hau, hau, hau, I am French.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

mad men barbie dolls

I'm on the verge of hyperventilating right now. Mattel announced yesterday the launch of their Mad Men Barbie dolls which will be available later this summer.

EFF YOU, MATTEL! Don't you know I'm trying to be financially responsible? Then you go and release the most adorable Barbie dolls I have ever seen (how TDF is Joan?!) and expect me to NOT immediately drop $74.95 per doll? THANKS. Thanks a lot.

If you have a cool three hundred bucks to waste on something, might as well waste it on these! You can buy the Betty, Don, Sterling, and Joan Barbies at the Barbie Collector website which I had no idea even existed until today...but you better believe I signed up for a free catalog!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

academy award winners!

Best Picture
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: The Hurt Locker
WON: The Hurt Locker
Called it! Seriously though, this is an awesome movie and Jeremy Renner is from Modesto (my hometown). HOLLA.

Best Actor in a Leading Role
should win: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
will win: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
WON: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
should win: Christoph Waltz
will win: Christoph Waltz
WON: Christoph Waltz

Best Actress
should win: anyone but Sandra Bullock
will win: Sandra Bullock
WON: Sandra Bullock
Blech. Sorry, I really don't like SB.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
should win: Mo'Nique, Precious
will win: Mo'Nique, Precious
WON: Mo'Nique
Hell yes! Very, very deserved.

Best Animated Feature Film
should win: Up
will win: Up
I wish Dug was there to accept the award!

Best Art Direction
should win: Sherlock Holmes
will win: Avatar
WON: Avatar

Best Cinematography
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: The Hurt Locker
WON: Avatar

Best Director
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: please don't be Avatar
WON: The Hurt Locker
First female director to win!! Rock on.

Best Documentary Feature
should win: The Cove
will win: The Cove (though Food, Inc. got waaaay more press)
WON: The Cove
Go see this movie!

Best Film Editing
should win: The Hurt Locker
will win: Avatar
WON: The Hurt Locker
So glad THL won for this category! You should watch the film with director commentary, they explain a lot of the editing choices it's great.

Best Adapted Screenplay
should win: Up in the Air
will win: Up in the Air
WON: Precious
Looks like Oprah matters in Hollywood, too.

Best Original Screenplay
should win: Inglourious Basterds
will win: Inglourious Basterds
WON: The Hurt Locker
Eff that. I liked The Hurt Locker, but how could they ignore Tarantino's genius like that? I mean, OBVIOUSLY I thought THL was an awesome movie because I pegged it to win Best Picture, but in terms of words on paper...Tarantino should have won.

national cereal day

Happy National Cereal Day!! I don't know where/how/why people make up these "holidays" but when something is so awesome it doesn't matter much.

I LOVE cereal. I knew immediately I would love my new work environment when they gave us a tour of the office and pointed out the 6 cereals they keep in stock all the time in the kitchen.

My three all-time cereal favorites are:

Barbara's Bakery Puffins in either Original or Peanut Butter (PB is out of control crazy good).

General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch which is essentially just sugar. And cinnamon.

Betch, don't try to convince me that you're healthy to eat. One serving has effing 10g of sugar, which means you are not a "good source of" anything. Except sugar.

Quaker Oats Cinnamon Life which is one of the six cereals my office has available for me to EATALLDAYLONG.

Natalie Dee knows what's up. And so does her escaped hamster.

how to save money on an ipod touch

LOLZ. This is the best idea ever.