Wednesday, March 24, 2010

vroom vroom

How sexy is this car?

I spotted this vintage corvette outside the San Mateo Trader Joe's (awesome things tend to occur at this location, btw) and just HAD to take a picture even though I thought it was sort of creepy of me. Later, I creeped it up even more by telling the owner he "probably hears this a lot, but you have an absolutely beautiful car."

Ya. I said those. exact. words. I've never used a pick-up line in my life, but apparently they get stored away in some part of your brain, ready to attack at a moment's notice.

I got really embarassed and started blushing because I swear the words just came out of my mouth without me even making the conscious decision to speak! Whatever. Old Man was flattered. But his wife gave me the stink eye.

Next time I'll stick with a Ferris Bueller reference and tell him his car is "so choice."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the cat's pajamas

First off, that expression is totally weird.

Secondly, what do my Chinese name Miao Miao:

An Asian lucky cat (this one was a birthday gift from my BFF):

And this tattoo work station:

Have in common?

And finally, The Daily Tater was seriously the best idea I've ever had.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the daily tater

Haha. Ok. Before I go any further I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I'm very much NOT normal, and I accept that. It makes life more interesting.

I was talking to my boss about blogging the other day and was saying how I wanted to buy Tater Tot a domain name so he could blog (it was understood by all parties that I meant I could blog "as" Tater...I'm normal enough that I recognize my dog can't actually blog).

Anyway, my boss is all, "Would he even have something to post every day?" to which I was all, "You clearly are not my friend on Facebook or you would know that there's a plethora of Tater Tot posts to be made on the daily." and then he was all...actually he didn't say anything he just gave me a weird look, I just wanted to say "was all" one more time.

And so, The Daily Tater was born. It's a work in progress, notably the header image which will eventually not look so pixel-y once I get my hands on the Photoshop CD I left at my parents house.

I figure I'm already taking a ton of Tater Tot pics every day...might as well have a formal outlet for sharing them with the world!