Friday, April 2, 2010


A couple of things:

1. if you don't have a "contact me" section or post with your e-mail GO MAKE ONE RIGHT NOW. In a perfect world everyone would just comment on your posts, but trust me your readers want to be able to e-mail you privately to ask you questions.

2. never EVER EVER change your blog domain. I know it's super tempting and I did it back when I first started this blog (I used to be, remember?) but that's because I really had no idea how Google/the internet/blogs work. If you keep changing your blog from domain to domain then Google won't be able to keep up with the changes and you'll lose a lot of ranking (this is important because you want people to read your blog right?). If you feel the need to make a change, just give your blog a new layout or change your header title (mine is currently "The Sparkling Cider of Blogs" but it used to be "The (Mis)Adventures of a Redhead in China."

3. make a favicon and take the Blogger banner off your page. Two very simple things that will make your blog look more polished and professional.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy easter! love candy-focused holidays

Went shopping at Target this weekend. How freaking legit is that store? I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE Tar-Jay. It's one of the main things I missed about the United States when I was in China (they had Walmart and other American stores like Best Buy...but no Target).

I managed to find a super cute outfit for Easter within 20 minutes even though I spent a good TWO HOURS scouring the mall in San Mateo and couldn't even find something decent to wear that wasn't triple digits. I also found these crazy cute carrot Reese's pieces:

They're shaped like a that makes them healthy, right?

Bah, peanut butter is my arch nemesis. So, so good...and yet not incredibly good for you (especially if you eat an entire jar in one sitting, which has never happened but I believe I'd be capable of it).

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The answer to my riddle the other day (what do my Chinese name "Miao Miao," an Asian lucky cat figurine, and a tattoo station all have in common?) is:


I got this kitty over Christmas break, in fact Santa hooked it up with a gift certificate for part of him (kitty's a boy). He's not completely finished yet, the artist still needs to fill him in with white and do lots of super sweet shading, but he's practically done.

Here are a couple "progress" pictures. I got all the outline and black shading done first, then next came the color details that I have now.

The artist surprised me with the collar design, I LOVE IT SO BAD!!! I didn't really have anything specific I wanted so I told him to design it himself ...couldn't help sneaking a peek with my iPhone:

Instead of the traditional text that goes in the lucky cat coin, I had Earl (my tattoo artist) put my Chinese name because it's the bomb.