Monday, May 10, 2010

google search stories

I don't watch professional sports on TV...because unless I'm sitting next to a bunch of hot guys while watching said sporting event then I couldn't possibly care less about televised football/basketball/hockey/[insert any other sport here]. BUT I do know that the Parisian Love search story from Google was one of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials this year because it is awesome, clearly.

My favorite search story was the batman one, but it was only a limited time kinda deal so if ya'll didn't see it when it came out MONTHS ago, then you suck.

Anyway, today I decided to try my hand at making my own search story because I've known for a while that you could but never got around to it.

Some background to my search story: Twin just got a puppy a few weeks ago and has been taking him to training and stuff and now considers herself the new Dog Whisperer or something so she's always telling me stuff like "You need to assert yourself as the pack leader" and telling me about how aggressive Tater Tot is. The Tot can be a butthead at times when he's on-leash and we pass other dogs, but I wouldn't exactly define him as "aggressive." Either way she was pressuring me to get him neutered even though he's 8 years old because I guess that's what Cesar Millan is always telling people to do. I got talked into it and thought it would be a great time to take care of it since right now he's at home with my parents until I get back from my graduation this upcoming weekend (that way he can hate them forever for cutting off his manhood, not me).

In summary, I was flipping out at work today about whether or not I should go through with the procedure, and thus my search story was born:

That reminds me, Tater Tot has totally been lagging on his blog. Silly dog, blogs are for humans.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

best mother's day gift ever!

All I got my mom was two boxes of chocolate dipped bananas from Edible Arrangements.