Friday, June 25, 2010

thank gawd it's friday!

There are tons of taco trucks out there (confession: never been to one. ever.) and now cupcake trucks are the new rage in the baking world...but seriously a cocktail truck sounds like such a better idea. I mean, really, why has someone not put this idea into action? Open container law? I feel like they could work around that somehow.

What would be appropriate music for a cocktail truck to play? 'Lil Wayne?

Monday, June 21, 2010

smarty pig, oink oink!

Hooray for over-budgeting July by $300!! You know what that means, kids? That's right! I'm putting all that extra dough into my awesome new Smarty Pig account (oh hay 2.15% APY!).

It's my dream to one day be significant enough that someone's lawyer contacts me for all of the images and crap I blatantly steal borrow from other websites.

Anyway, finances are fun!