Monday, May 30, 2011

ruh oh.

Clear sign you never blog anymore: your domain expires and you don't notice for more than a week. But really, why the eff didn't I just have that thing set to auto-renew? Tsk, tsk.

Super big changes going on in my life! Most significant/recent of which is that I got a new job working for bloomspot which is an awesome start-up in San Francisco that "provides exceptional offers for weekend getaways and unique local luxury experiences" and we all know how much I love weekend getaways and luxurious experiences! Plus, their logo is a really cute pair of poppies, and I coincidentally have that exact same poppy tattooed on my body. Not the logo or anything, but the same color/type of poppy...which I still think falls in the realm of BEING TOTALLY FATE THAT I WORK FOR THEM.

Also, I can walk to work. Oh and also they are dog-friendly. OH AND ALSO, ALSO they just really rule and I'm pumped up to the max to be working for them.

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